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Jeffrey Eugenides

I’m going to review all the three novels I read by Jeffrey Eugenides in one post, because I truly believe that you must read all three of them, but at different points in time, depending on the kind of reading you’re looking for. Let me tell you how I ended up reading all of them. I actually read “The Marriage Plot” a couple of years ago. The story explores how the lines start blurring between real-life incidents and what the protagonist is studying as a part of her Literature course. It explores the lives of three students and their aspirations and how they all impact one another. 

When you should read it: If you’re looking for some light reading and interesting perspectives

I recently read “Middlesex” and I mentally butchered myself for having not read it earlier. It is freakish, intelligent, thought-provoking and mind-numbing. I couldn’t stop reading it, and I finished it in about three days. It’s a touching  story about a teenager who’s forced to confront all sorts of happenings while grappling with coming-of-age issues. The story spans generations and touches upon several themes including immigration, battling societal misconceptions and having the courage to be what one is. 

When you should read it: Anytime! But be ready for some deep introspection. 

After reading “Middlesex” I was hooked to Jeffrey Eugenides’ writing. I immediately ordered “The Virgin Suicides”. I’m not giving away the story but you’ll understand what it’s about the moment you start reading it. The beauty of the book lies in its gripping narrative even though you already know the story right from the beginning. As you read it, you’ll find yourself becoming obsessed with the lives and thoughts of the protagonists and you’ll try looking for the elusive answers yourself. 

When you should read it: If you are looking for some gripping (though slightly depressing) narrative. 

I’d suggest reading “Middlesex” first, followed by “The Marriage Plot” and lastly “The Virgin Suicides”. But don’t get depressed when you’re done with all the books. I had that moment when I finished the last one. Get started with them and there are more book recommendations coming your way soon. 


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