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Do you need some iron?

Do you frequently feel fatigued and you blame it on lack of sleep? Do you then proceed to sleep for hours on the weekend, and still feel tired? Most of us don’t give as much importance to tiredness as we should. We feel that most of it is probably lifestyle related, and we tend to ignore it. Even though most of it is lifestyle-related, sometimes there’s an underlying issue which you really shouldn’t be ignoring.

Yes, it could be your haemoglobin. A lot of us don’t get as much iron as we need and we could be suffering from low haemoglobin. The best way to keep track of this is to get a blood test done once a year or every six months (depending on what your doctor prescribes). However, if you can’t remember the last time you took a blood test, that’s not very assuring. The simplest way to understand if something’s out of whack is to do a CBC which is going to include a count of your red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and a few other readings which help throw light on your overall health. Lymphocytes is another important reading to look out for. If it’s high, most likely your body’s fighting some internal infection. Now, if I must be frank, my lymphocytes have been on the higher end for the last couple of years. I partially blame this on living in Delhi. And, which you can too if you happen to be living here. But, its always good to get it checked by a doctor if it’s a little too high or if it exceeds the range frequently.

Back to the red blood cells. Haemoglobin is really easy to correct once a deficiency is diagnosed. Either you need to take pills or you change your eating habits. In fact, its always good to stock up on the following foods so that you don’t reach a deficient state:

1.) Beans/Peas/Lentils

2.) Eggs

3.) Poultry

4.) Spinach (this is kind of obvious if you ever watched PopEye)

5.) Dried apricots

6.) Chickpeas

Do you know you can also boost your body’s absorption of iron by having enough Vitamin C. I actually take the Vitamin C chewable tablets (LimCee). They’re super yummy as well. But, if you don’t want to have medicines, just stick to having enough oranges, kiwis, leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Here’s an interesting read for you guys:



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