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The Kindle

I’m still a little confused about whether I prefer reading the kindle or the good old paper bound book. The Kindle is definitely easier to read in moving vehicles or on flights. But, when you can snuggle up in your bed, books win hands-down. So, that’s exactly how I use the two modes of reading. At home, its always books, but in transit, the Kindle can be easier, especially in places where the light keeps fluctuating.

When you should be using the Kindle: 

1.) If you’re just starting to read, and you’re mostly used to your laptop screen and your smartphone, the Kindle might be easier to start out on. For most people of this generation, I believe it’s better to start on the Kindle as it’ll help you get into a reading habit at least.

2.) For people of our generation who grew up reading books in their simplest form, there’s a sense of nostalgia associated with paper-bound books which the Kindle cannot provide. However, I still think the Kindle can be quite useful if you’re pretty busy and find time to read only when you’re in transit. That way, the Kindle helps you stick to a regular reading habit.

3.) For people of the older generation who love to read but don’t want to strain their eyes, the Kindle is especially helpful as it allows you to change the font size. However, the audio book would once again be a better choice here to avoid eye-strain altogether.

So, I’ll tell you what I do, and you can decide what makes more sense for you. I tend to buy one book on my Kindle for every two paper-bound books I buy. So far, this has been helping me, as the bulk of my reading is done at home. But, the Kindle helps me stay connected to reading when I’m in transit as well, and in dimly lit areas.

I believe that any reading is better than no reading. And, this works for me.



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