Give away some clothes

The first step in sorting out your clothes cupboard is to give away the items of clothing you don’t wear. Now, I know some items have a sentimental value attached to them.  There are also some which have an aspirational value attached to them – you don’t fit into them but one day you will. Let those be for now, because zen life advocates having aspirations and nostalgic sentiments. But apart from these, I’m sure there are at least five pieces of clothing which you don’t wear, and you won’t in the future either. This weekend, go through your cupboard, take out these pieces and give them away. Someone will bless you, and organizing your cupboard will become much easier. 

These are the items I’m giving away this weekend: 

1.) One pair of jeans. I seem to be having five pairs of jeans, however I only wear two of them. So, I’m giving one of the three away. The other two can wait for now. 

2.) A shirt which I bought for office-wear, but every time I wear it, I change right before leaving the house. I’m never going to wear that shirt outside. 

3.) A faded kurti – this has been kept because it makes me look thin. But, it’s so faded, it can’t be worn anymore. 

4.) A skirt which has become really tight. I hope to fit into it one day, but I doubt that’s happening anymore. This one goes, despite the aspirational value. 

5.) Grey office trousers which I will never wear. 

So, there you have my five items. And, you know what, I also happened to find these other five items I had no use for: 

6.) An old pair of shorts. 

7.) A torn dupatta. 

8.) A scarf which is too bright. 

9.) A dress with a weird pattern (Don’t know why I bought that). 

10.) A jumpsuit which had all the threads poking out. 

So, there you have it. These 10 items were sitting in my cupboard pointlessly and eating up space. Now, don’t go out and buy some clothes immediately because your cupboard looks a bit empty! Next step is to tidy the remaining clothes. That’s for next weekend!


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