Who throws boxes away?

As the title suggests, I definitely don’t throw old containers away, but I don’t do much to beautify them either. So, you’ll find me re-using an old box of chocolates or a glass jar as-is. This weekend, I thought I should try to get down to some “DIY” and see how tough it is to make these old containers look less scruffy. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that much effort, and my house looks much prettier now! So, I took a couple of boxes and one tin can and managed to transform them into usable trinkets! Here’s how I went about it. 

Things I used: 

1.) Wrapping Paper

2.) Cellotape

3.) Scissors

4.) Gum

That’s it!

Chocolate Box: 

This is what the chocolate box looked like before I started: 


Here are the steps I followed (I pretty much followed the same steps for the other boxes/jars): 

1.) First cut the paper to suit the size of the box. Make sure to keep it large enough so that you can fold it to cover the inside of the sides of the box

2.) Along with glue, I used cellotape as well to tape the edges to the insides of the box. 

3.) The lid was slightly tricky. Don’t cover it entirely, as it won’t fit the box in that case. Just cover till the edges of the insides. 

4.) You’ll also need to cut out some paper at the edges to avoid a bulky wad of paper at the corner. 

You might need to waste a sheet, but keep at it. Mine, finally turned out like this. You can see how I taped the cellotape to the inside edges to make it stick. 


One-Plus Box

This is one of the items in the one-plus cellphone container. Luckily, it already looks pretty good and makes for a perfect paper-holder


I just needed to cover it up and it turned out great. Surprisingly it was the easiest to make. 


Tin Can

I had this Foxes tin can, which I used to use as a pen-holder


For this, I just cut out the sheet of paper in such a way so that I could roll it around the can. I kept enough paper at both ends, so that I could just fold it below the tin and add cellotape to make it stick. For the open end, I folded the paper inwards and made it stick using gum. That’s how it looks now. 

Tin Can.jpg

Ta-da…so that’s how my Saturday went, and I can’t tell you how good it felt to have a productive hands-on weekend. Obviously, I have loads more to learn, but I’m glad I got started. And, even these make my house look much better. So, if you wanna have a feel-good weekend, please take some old boxes and turn them around. I guarantee that it will want to make you hit Monday on a high! 

Boxes Revamp.jpg


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Savanah R Hinton says:

    Where do you get cello tape and that paper to cover?


    1. karabimitra says:

      Hey, so I went to a typical stationery store and bought cello tape and wrapping paper. Where are you based? Depending on that, it might be easier to answer.


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