Why order pizza when you can make it at home?

This weekend I decided to tackle pizza. Ever since I started my lifestyle blog, I’ve become emboldened to try new things – which I never would have before. So I figured I should start with trying to make home-made pizza. Thankfully the pizza turned out to be really tasty (my husband’s words, not mine!), and since it’s so easy to make, I thought I should share it with you guys. So, here goes: 


1 Tomato

1 Onion

Chicken: I had some chicken pieces left over from last night’s chicken curry and decided to just cut those into small pieces. 

Chicken Ham Slices

Pizza Sauce: I used the Fun Food’s Pizza & Pasta Sauce (picture below)

Pizza Base: You’ll get this in any simple grocery store (picture below). The base was of diameter 7 inches, and I used two of these bases. 


Oregano & Chilli Flakes: I had some leftover packets from previous pizza orders, and these worked just fine. 

Note: The mentioned quantities were used for 12 slices of pizza (The size of each slice is as per the main picture). I cut each base into 6 slices. 

Pizza Sauce.jpg      Pizza Base.jpg


1. Cut the tomatoes and onions into small pieces. Shred the chicken into small pieces and cut the chicken ham into small square pieces. In case, you don’t have cooked chicken already, you would just need to boil and season the chicken before this step. Also, I used chicken ham which is pre-cooked. 

Tomato & Onions.jpg      Chicken PIeces.jpg

2. Lightly fry all the ingredients as shown in the pan below. After about 5 mins, add 3 tablespoons of pizza sauce. Add some salt, and fry for another 5 mins. 

Mix ingredients.jpg

3. Once the above mixture is cooked, spread it out evenly on the pizza bases as shown. Add cheese on top. Ideally, you should use mozzarella, but I didn’t have that. Hence, I chopped up cheese slices into small pieces and spread them over the mixture. Cut the base into six pieces. 

Pizza_Adding on base.jpg

4. Microwave the above for about 5-10 minutes. However, do remember that if you only microwave the slices, it won’t become crispy. Too make them crispy, the next step is crucial.

Note: If you have a grill, you can just put it in that and it’ll cook and become crispy. However, since I didn’t have one, I found using the microwave along with the pan to be the easiest option. 

5. Take the slices out from the microwave and lightly heat them on a flat pan as shown below. Remember to put a very thin layer of butter so that the slices don’t stick. Lightly heat the slices for about 7 mins. 

Note: Spread the pizza slices around the edges of the pan as shown below so that they don’t get burned. Remember to keep the flame very low. 

Frying the pizza.jpg

6. Once the pizza slices are super crispy, take them off and sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes as per your preference. Ta-da there you have it: your very own home-made pizza: 

Pizza Pan.jpg

It’s so easy, you don’t even need a weekend for this. You can do it on any weekday. Preferably, the next time you have a craving for pizza and you don’t want to order in. 

Cooking Time: 30-45 mins 

Calories per Slice: 125-150 calories (So, you get to have pizza and stay within your calorie limit)

Happy Cooking Folks! Let me know your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys. 

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4 thoughts on “Why order pizza when you can make it at home?

  1. Yummy quick and easy pizza! I would love you to share this on Smell Good Sunday http://jaytriedandtrue.blogspot.com/2017/04/smell-good-sunday-15.html


    1. Hi, that’s great – let me share it right now. Also, you can
      subscribe to my blog. You just need to follow me, and enter your email id – and you can become a subscriber. You can see the follow button on the top of the page (right hand side). Let me know if you can’t find it!


  2. We do both… we bake wonderful homemade pizzas for our big family… and then there are those times of great busyness/no time/too tired and we buy pizza… not often, but it can be a blessing. Homemade is certainly better, though. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I do the same too! Ordering is much easier on hectic days, but when you have time to spare, making it at home is loads of fun.


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