How to plan your weekends in advance

Are you sometimes left with the feeling that you don’t know what happened between Friday evening and Sunday evening? You remember you finished work on Friday and you were super excited about the weekend. But before you know it, it’s already Sunday evening and you’re gearing up for another week of work. If someone asks you what you did over the weekend, you’re like, “Umm, I was just chilling.” And you mentally tell yourself that next weekend will definitely be more productive. But, weekends go by and it’s the same story again and again.

I’ve realized that unless I plan my weekends well in advance, I’m definitely going to waste them. There are a lot of articles on how successful people spend their weekends and the hundreds of things you should be doing over the weekend. Well, at the end of the day, a weekend is still the only time you get to relax. So, you should be doing what really appeals to you. I’ve seen that focusing on four major categories and trying to do a couple of activities from each category is the best way for me to spend my weekend. Following are some of the categories I usually focus on. 

Family & Friends

Every weekend, I try and spend some time with family and friends by doing at least one of the following activities: 

  1. Meeting friends who are staying in the same city
  2. Calling family members/skyping with them
  3. Calling friends who live in another city

There’s no way this won’t make you feel good. And, it’s also going to make your loved ones happy. 


All week there are some tasks which pile up, and it’s best to put some time aside (preferably Saturday afternoon) to get done with these boring tasks. These could be things like: 

  1. Visiting the dentist/doctor
  2. Ordering groceries
  3. Paying bills
  4. Doing laundry
  5. Getting an appliance fixed

All of the above are usually tasks which are pretty mundane, and we tend to keep putting them off. However, by just taking out two hours during your weekend, you can get a lot of these done, and you’ll feel more relaxed over the week. However boring a task is, once you get it out of the way, there’s always the feel-good factor. 

It helps if I make a list of these tasks over the weekend. So, I tend to stick a post-it on one of the cabinets in my living room. Over the week, I just note down the tasks which I remember. This way, when the weekend is finally here, I quickly check the list and start doing the things which have piled up. 

Health & Fitness

Even if you work-out over the week, it’s important to stick to your fitness regimen during weekends. Rather than binging on junk food, make some time to exercise! Following are some of the easy things you can do: 

  1. Go jogging
  2. Check out some You-Tube exercise videos (and follow them as well!)
  3. Sign up for some interesting fitness classes
  4. Go play a sport


Weekends are the best time to concentrate on things you love to do. This can be reading, writing, cooking, DIY activities or playing a musical instrument. We keep complaining about how we don’t have time to follow our hobbies. But, we can easily spend time on them over the weekend. If you have multiple hobbies, it’s best two focus on 1-2 each weekend, so that you don’t end up trying to do too much. And, then you can always focus on some other ones next weekend. Following is a list for you to pick from, depending on what your interests are: 

  1. Read a new book/complete the one you’re already reading
  2. Plan a weekend getaway
  3. Check out new places in your own city: parks/historical monuments/restaurants
  4. Go for a movie/play
  5. Go for a concert
  6. Volunteer and do some social work
  7. Play a musical instrument/sing/dance
  8. Sign up for weekend classes 
  9. Cook something 
  10. DIY activities

Following is a super-easy template to create your own weekend plan and have a super productive and fun weekend: 


Oh, and one last thing. Every weekend, try and do one thing which is totally new to you. This could be checking out a new market or shop, teaching some kids, checking out a new sports complex or even cooking something you’ve never cooked before. This one thing brings novelty to your life and helps you to recharge over the weekend. Hope your weekends are always great! 







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  1. Jody Simpson says:

    I love the Zen philosophy.


    1. karabimitra says:

      Thanks! Hope you like my other posts too. It’s actually been helping me a lot in changing my entire outlook!


  2. Ujjal Bhaumik says:

    Very nice post. Love it.


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