10 things you can gift your mother!

It was my mother’s birthday this weekend, and for a while I had been trying to decide on what I could gift her. I finally ended up getting a calendar for her with pictures of her with the rest of the family. She was really elated with it! So, I decided I’ll share my list of gift ideas with you guys in case it helps any of you as Mother’s Day is right around the corner. 

5 Gifts You Can Get Your Mother

5.) Membership/Subscriptions: Get your mother a membership/subscription for something which she’s fond of. You can get her a subscription box for food, home decor or anything else which she’s fond of. It could be something to do with her hobbies – reading, gardening, pottery, painting or music. It could even be magazine subscriptions. 

4.) Home Decor: My mother loves home decor. And, honestly who doesn’t? So, if you decide to give something from this category, you’ll have tons of options. These include candle holders, lamps, clocks, cutlery, pillow covers, curtains and decorative storage. There are tons of online sites where you can order cute stuff. However, you can also go out and get unique stuff in stores in Delhi. The Cottage Industries Emporiums happen to stock items which you may not find anywhere else. If you’re too lazy to check those out, the malls are obviously an option too. I recently saw that Home Stop was having a huge sale, and I found great stuff at a reasonable price. 

Home Decor

3.) Accessories: You can never really go wrong with accessories. I’m sure your mother loves bags or scarves or shawls or sunglasses. And, you must be knowing her favorite brand. I was actually quite keen to gift my mother sunglasses because she recently lost hers. However, I finally decided against it as it’s difficult to figure out the exact fit and shape unless I take her shopping with me. And, then she won’t let me buy it for her. 

2.) Cosmetics & Perfumes: Another option which you can’t go wrong with. My mother is a huge fan of perfumes, so this is always a fall-back option if I can’t think of anything else. And a cosmetics gift box is bound to make anyone happy. Think of body lotions, bath oils, face creams and lovely fragrances. Absolute bliss. 


1.) Personalized Items: These gift items always have a personal touch which makes them unique. I finally got a customized calendar made on Zoom In. It’s super easy to create customized calendars and photo books on the site. They allow you to choose photographs and customize the calendar just the way you want it. It’s reasonably priced as well! You can get her other personalized stuff too : mugs, photo collages or photo books. 

5 Experiences You Can Gift Your Mother

5.) Spa & Pampering: Gift your mother a day at the spa and salon. It’ll allow her to relax and take a day off to just look after herself. Your mother definitely needs that!

4.) Trip/Getaway: You can gift your mother a weekend getaway. Plan her entire trip, create an itinerary and book everything in advance. Do some research, find some places which she’s always wanted to go to and plan it all out. This will allow you to spend some time with her as well. If you happen to stay in Delhi, the hill-stations are perfect for a weekend getaway. 

Hill Station.jpg

3.) Cook for your mother: Make your mother breakfast, lunch and dinner (or at least one of them), and she’ll be really touched with the effort. Even if it’s something simple, it’s always better than getting food from outside. Remember all the meals she’s made for you? Well, you can make one for her and make her feel loved. 

2.) Sign up for a class with your mother: Think of your mother’s hobby and sign up for a class with her so that she can indulge in her hobby. This could be a painting lesson, a writing session or even a theatre workshop or a baking lesson. It’ll be a refreshing change for her and you’ll be spending some quality time with her. 


1.) Spend a day with her doing what she loves: The best thing you can give your mother is your time. That means spending the day with her, talking, doing things which she loves, going shopping with her and going and seeing places which she wants to see. And, make sure to give her your undivided attention. And, this means listening to her and not constantly texting and being on the phone. If she wants to go for a play which you don’t want to see, just go and give her company. It’ll mean a lot to her. 

Along with whatever gift you choose to get your mother, a cake and a card is a must! So, get her a super amazing cake, pour your heart out in a touching card and add flowers for that extra touch! Make your mother feel loved, because she really deserves it. 

Below’s the cake I got for my mother. Happy gifting people!


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  1. shivu91 says:

    A useful post, right before Mother’s day!

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    1. karabimitra says:

      Awesome, thanks!


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