10 ways to eat healthily in office

Sometimes you might come back from office and feel terribly fatigued and lethargic. This might obviously be dependent on the number of hours you put in. But, this could also have something to do with the food you eat in office. It sometimes becomes a challenge to eat healthily in office. However, eating packets of biscuits, bars of chocolates and cups of coffee isn’t really helping your body in the long run. Sometimes, I invariably end up eating junk food in office and I hate myself for that. That happens whenever I don’t have a plan to deal with my hunger pangs. I know it sounds boring and adult-like, but it’s always good to be prepared. 

Following are some of the things I’ve lately been trying to do to improve my eating habits in office: 

1.) Carry an apple to office: You can carry any fruit you want to. I usually tend to carry an apple as it’s relatively less messy to eat. But, cutting up fruits and carrying them works fine as well. Just make sure to eat them on time, as cut fruits shouldn’t be kept out for too long. 

2.) Carry nuts/dry fruits to office: It’s better to munch on some almonds and raisins when you’re peckish rather than to munch on chocolates. Nuts and dried fruits have healthy fats which fill you up and keep you going at work. 

Both of the above points require you to be a little pro-active in the morning and pack your food. 

3. Reduce your caffeine intake: Previously, I would binge on 5-6 cups of tea a day. I’ve never been a fan of coffee. However, drinking lots of cups of tea isn’t exactly healthy either since I’m consuming sugar along with them. So, now I limit them to about 2 cups a day. I can’t survive without my morning tea, which is why I can’t cut it out altogether. Green tea is a great alternative too. Unfortunately, I can’t stand green tea but it’s something I’m trying to develop a taste for. 

4. Don’t give large gaps between meals: Sometimes, it might seem impossible to steal some time away to grab lunch. However, staying hungry doesn’t help anyone. I tell myself, if CEOs can have time for lunch, so can I. I’m sure they have greater responsibilities. So, whatever I’m doing can stop while I refuel myself. 

5.) Drink lots of water: In most offices the air-conditioning is always on at full blast, and you may not realize that you need to have water from to time. However, it’s really important to keep yourself hydrated because you can fall seriously ill if you don’t, especially when you step out of your office into the heat outside ( even more valid if you’re currently in the middle of summer in Delhi). 

6.) Try to choose healthy snacks in the office: It’s not always possible to plan and sometimes you might want to have something a little different. Some of the healthy options which you can have in office are 





Sandwich (I know it has carbs, but if you have some protein with it, it’s good! Also, you can’t survive without carbs). 

You might need to hunt some of the above out, since the commonly displayed menu items tend to be pakoda, patty, pastry, burger, chips, maggi etc. 

7. Don’t eat in front of the laptop: This one is quite obvious, but a lot of people tend to do this It’s just so messy, and people can get food all over the laptop. They are able to neither concentrate on the food nor the work at hand, Just take a break and eat properly. 

8. Don’t have a heavy lunch: The worse thing you can do is to eat nothing between breakfast and lunch. And, then be ravenous by the time it’s lunch-time and gobble copious amounts of food. This just makes you feel very uncomfortable all afternoon and super sleepy too. It’s best to have a light snack around 11 AM, to make sure you’re not too hungry by the time it’s lunch-time. 

9. Eat before long meetings: Make sure you don’t go in to meetings hungry. Then your stomach is going to keep growling and you’ll be uncomfortable. You never know how long meetings might run. If you know it’s going to be a long one, and you’re already slightly hungry, grab a quick bite. You’ll be able to concentrate better. 

10. Walk around: Though, not directly related to your eating habits, it definitely impacts your cravings and overall health. Sitting in one place for long hours isn’t healthy at all. So, do get up and take a walk. And, not just to go to the coffee machine. It’s always good to venture out and get some sunshine. It’ll be a welcome break from the artificial light you’re in all day.

Time spent in office doesn’t have to spent in an unhealthy way! Happy snacking and keeping yourself full on real food. 


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