Why your typical work day might be causing you more harm than good.

Do you wake up every morning, get ready for work, get into a cab and get to work, stay there till sunset, get out once it’s dark and return home by a cab again? Chances are, you probably do since most of us are in the same boat. In that case, I have some bad news for you. Staying cooped up in office all day does us more harm than good. However, for most of us, it’s not like we have a choice. Keeping in mind, that we’re probably going to have to adhere to this schedule for a large part of our lives, we should be aware of the following five problems which a sedentary lifestyle causes. 

Lack of sunlight leads to Vitamin D deficiency

If you can’t remember the last time you stepped out in the sunlight, then chances are you rarely do. Most of us tend to leave office at sundown and we hardly catch any sunlight. Unfortunately, this is one of the major causes of Vitamin D deficiency. Most Indians suffer from this deficiency, but most never get it tested and hence, never find out. If you’re dangerously deficient, you’ll probably need medicines and sunlight isn’t going to help that much. However, if you’re not at that stage yet, some sunlight can definitely help you. So, step out a couple of times during office and catch the sun. 


Staring at your laptop all day causes dry eyes

Now, I bet you didn’t even know “dry-eye syndrome” is a thing. Unfortunately, when it affects you, you learn what it is. I tend to suffer from it when I work long hours. Most of my work involves staring at my laptop for long hours. If you do the same, you could be at risk of getting dry, red and itchy eyes which can be painful. This happens because laptop users tend to blink less often which prevents your eyes from producing tears effectively. So, step away from your laptop and give your eyes a break. And, break doesn’t mean skimming through messages on your phone. Step away from your devices for a while. 

Sitting in one place causes aches and pains and high blood pressure

As you sit and work on your power-point presentations and think about how the world might end if you step away for a second, your poor body is probably cursing you. Sitting in one place for a long time leads to poor blood circulation and increased blood pressure. Sitting at your desk in a hunched position leads to aching shoulders and back pains, and poor posture. Typing continuously leads to wrist-pains. So, once again get up, stretch a little and take a walk. I know you probably can’t do yoga at your desk, but no one will prevent you from taking a short walk. 


Having copious amounts of tea and coffee causes sleep problems

When you need to have 6-7 cups of tea or coffee to get you through the day, this isn’t very good for your body. Too much of caffeine causes anxiety and makes you more jittery. If you’re having it to suppress your hunger, that’s even worse as it can cause heartburn. Also, once the effect of coffee/tea passes, you’re just going to need more caffeine to keep going and the cycle never ends. Further, it messes with your sleep and prevents you from sleeping well, which makes you tired the day after and leads to you needing more caffeine. The only to get out of it is to stop the cycle. 


Sitting all day and eating junk food makes you fat 

Surprisingly, most offices don’t offer healthy food choices, which is pretty strange. And, employees are tempted to grab the first thing they see when they’re hungry and pressed for time. Junk food combined with a sedentary lifestyle makes you fat. If you reach home late, and don’t have time to exercise, that’s even worse. If you must stay all day in office, try to carry some healthy food options or figure out some healthy restaurants nearby or places which can deliver food. And, force yourself to fit in some time for exercise every day. It’s your health after all. If you don’t care about it, why would others care? 

There are numerous articles on how our sedentary office lifestyle is slowly killing us. I urge you to read those and take some action to change your lifestyle if you have been plagued by any of these issues. It’s better to take action now, rather than later. With Monday around the corner, start the week on a different note and think of your health before your power-point presentations. 



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