5 cheap and simple ways to re-vamp your home and make it look new!

Let’s face it. We all love our homes, but sometimes we get a little bored of them. And, we might want to re-vamp them a little. However, we usually can’t do something very fancy because of the following: 

Money: We can’t spend too much, and hence, can’t afford the fancy stuff which have the potential to turn our homes into swanky living spaces like the ones we see on Instagram

Time: We may not have the time to carry out a complete overhaul of the house

Rented property: We may be staying in a rented property, and we don’t have the power to make drastic changes to the living spaces

However, in spite of the above, we can still do up our homes and change the overall look drastically. Here’s how: 

5. Buy colorful cushions: Most of us spend a significant amount of time on the sofas in the living room. However, most of us also make do with dull, dreary and worn-out cushions which make the entire living room look boring. Investing in some jazzy and colorful cushions can help improve the look of your sofas. When I moved into my current place, I hated the look of the sofas. But, I couldn’t buy a new one since it would be too expensive, and I’m not even sure how long I’m here for. So, I bought some funky cushions like the ones below: 


4. Don’t under-estimate the power of wall decal: You may have seen pictures of homes which have trees and flowers etched on the walls and these give an ethereal quality to the room. These are usually wall-decals which can be ordered online at reasonable prices and stuck on the walls with very little effort. Luckily, the home I moved into, already had some wall decals put up. And, look how it improves the overall look of the living-room! Now, even if I ever think of removing them, I can’t. 

Wall pic.jpg

3. Indulge in some DIY: You can put old boxes and containers to good-use by giving them a new look. These can be decorated to serve as pencil-holders, leaflet holders and storage boxes for other small items. Just get some wrapping paper, glue and scissors and get set to have some fun. I did this one weekend, and now I love having these containers and boxes all over the house. I did a detailed post on this, so you can check it out here if you like to know more. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures below. 

Boxes Revamp

2. Put up hanging shelves: Hanging shelves not only beautify your home, but they also help meet your utility needs. They can be bought at reasonable prices, and all you need is a carpenter to drill in some hooks, and then you’re all set. You can also drill in hooks yourself if you’re good with these things. Once you hang them up, you can keep your stuff on them, and decorate them as you like. Here’s my lovely orange and brown wall hanging shelf. 

Wall decal

1. Keep it minimal: The best way to have a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at home, is to clear the clutter. This features as number one on my list because it is the easiest to achieve and the one with the maximum impact. Even if you don’t want to invest in all of the above, all you need to do is really just clean up your living space. Give away all the stuff you don’t need/use. Put all the trinkets where they belong, and clean up your tables, chairs and beds which might be overflowing with clothes, packets and what-not. This alone makes a huge difference to your home! And, the only thing this takes is time, but it’s so worth it. So, start tidying, it’s fun and worth it! 


Put your weekend to good use, and get set to start the week ahead clutter-free and a home you can look forward to coming back to every day. 


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  1. sangbad says:

    Hi there from another Mitra…will soon come back to your blog…

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    1. karabimitra says:

      Thanks, glad you liked my blog!


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