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Watch “Wild Tales” to get a dose of hilarity superimposed on human antics.

Have you ever given much thought to the repercussions of your actions? Wondered what would happen if you got really frustrated with the myriad charges society levies on you and started questioning society? How grave things could become if you became embroiled in a quarrel on the road? How much would it take for you to finally lose your head and not care about the repercussions any more. 

Well, here’s a movie which will make you think : Wild Tales. Discovered by my husband, this Argentinian movie comprises of six poignant tales, which will make you ponder. What can happen if you take road rage to another level altogether? Or, should you accept free flight tickets without really questioning how you came across them? Or, to what extent would you go to take revenge if something unfair happened to you. Or, what will happen the day you decide to finally rebel against society? What does it take for us to abandon our ethics completely. And, is the world fair? If the world isn’t fair, then what good does our ethics do for us? 

It’s a delightful collection of stories which brings out the various shades of human emotion. Even though, I had to watch the entire movie with sub-titles, this didn’t mar my experience one bit. Ultimately, the tales are hilarious even though they are very dark. If you’re someone who enjoys dark comedy, you’ll love this movie. The movie subtly points out how vulnerable we really are to our inner demons. How we put together and present a rational exterior to society and everyone around us. However, it questions what it would really take to push someone over the edge. It questions what would happen if we stopped conforming. 

Since I don’t want to give anything away, just sharing a line on how each of the stories begin: 

1. All the passengers on a flight suddenly realize that they have something in common. 

2. A waitress finds herself serving a man she’s always hated. 

3. Cruising along a highway in a brand new car, a man gets caught up in a quarrel. 

4. A man’s life starts falling apart and it was all triggered by a tow truck. 

5. A father is trying to protect his son who crashed his car and killed a pregnant woman. 

6. A woman finds an unwanted guest at her wedding and things soon spiral out of control. 

I hope the above is enough to pique your curiosity!

Movie Background: Directed by Damián Szifron, the movie is critically-acclaimed and has won several awards and received nominations. 

Running Time: 2 hrs 

Narrative: The narrative is fast and there’s very little scope for boredom. I watched the movie with sub-titles and even then it was very engaging. The dialogues are blunt and brilliant, nothing is sugar-coated. The movie might seem rough on the exterior but delicately reflects on human emotions and shortcomings. It’s as wild as the title suggests, and will continue to play on your mind and haunt you after the movie is over. 




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