You haven’t seen all the hill-stations of India, if you haven’t seen this gem.

As I travel to more places in Kerala, I get more and more amazed to find that the place really has everything. In my previous visit to Kerala, I was amazed to find serene and tranquil beaches. On this visit, I discovered that it has the most untarnished hill-stations as well. And, no, I’m not talking about Ooty or Munnar. I’m talking about Vagamon, a place you surely wouldn’t have heard of, but if you have a penchant for offbeat places, a place where you should come. 

Vagamon is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, and is only a 3 hours drive from Kochi. The drive towards Vagamon is very scenic and beautiful. Once the road starts going uphill, you will see misty mountains in the distance. Sometimes the mist can be very thick and you won’t be able to see anything clearly. However the moment the mist clears (and it does so, quite quickly), you’ll be enchanted with the view. 


Along the way, you’ll find viewing points as well. Make sure to get off, as you’ll get the best views from these points. 


The road also has many small waterfalls, as well as large ones. In case, there’s been recent rains, expect to see many of these along the way. 



Janganam waterfalls is one of the larger ones, and we saw it during heavy rains. Though it’s one of the well-known falls, the other smaller ones you’ll come across on the road are equally impressive, if not more. 


Finally, as you reach Vagamon, you’ll see beautiful tea-gardens on either side of the road. As you drive along the winding roads, there will be beautiful views from different elevations. The tea-gardens may be shrouded in mist, but the mist shifts rapidly, and you’ll be amazed by the landscape on either side. You’ll also find small food-stalls along the way. If you’re hungry, get off and have a bite, and enjoy the charming views. 



Along the road, you’ll also see the Vagamon Meadows, and this is accessible to the public for INR 10 / adult only. It’s usually completely empty and one of the most beautiful and quaint spots you’ll ever find. The best part about Vagamon is that it’s completely untarnished and not spoilt by commercialization. In the middle of the meadows you’ll stumble upon a small lake, where you can go boating as well. 


There are a lot of nearby resorts where you can stay. However, we did a day-trip from Kottayam. Depending on where you’re staying you can either do a day-trip or opt to stay there for a couple of days. Either way, it will be a super-peaceful and offbeat getaway. Make sure to carry warm clothes, as the temperature will be much lower in comparison to the plain areas. 


The valleys and hills on either side are breath-taking and you’ll be amazed by the beauty India has to offer. I’m always craving to go on foreign trips, but the moment I visit such places, I feel humbled by India’s beauty. You must visit this gem if you’re in love with hill-stations. Usually, I prefer beaches to hill-stations and even I loved this place. 




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  1. Whoa! This looks like a piece of heaven

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    1. karabimitra says:

      Yeah, it’s really stunning! And, so few people know about it!

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      1. I bet. I for one never even heard of it. Thank you 😀


  2. Ujjal Bhaumik says:

    Very nice pictures


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