Why “It” is so much more than just another horror movie

Most people around me haven’t watched “It”. And, that’s because it comes across as a horror film. Of course, if you need to strictly classify the film, it is a “horror” film, but to be honest, that’s not the real crux of the movie at all. If you’re missing out this movie, because you’re scared, then please do watch the film. It’s much more than a horror film. It deals with emotions and childhood pains and is ultimately just a touching and emotional movie about a bunch of children trying to fight off common evils. The reason I say “common evils”, is because the clown is only one of the many evils you see in the film. 

The movie starts off with children disappearing in a small town. In fact, the much-watched trailer of a small boy running after a boat which disappears down a drain is pretty much the opening scene. Most of the adults in the movie seem to just accept the happenings and don’t question the disappearances. However, a bunch of teenagers start digging deeper and find themselves in a murky situation. These children are also known as the “Losers” as they’re the school outcasts. Along with fighting the “evil clown” they’re all fighting their own battles. One is dealing with a paranoid mother, one is dealing with a creepy father and one has to come to terms with the disappearance of his own brother. They’re also battling the school bullies, who are led by by a boy who makes the clown seem almost sane. 

Ultimately, the movie is much more than just the kids’ battle with the clown. It’s a story about everyone’s teenage years. How, school can be anything but a protective haven. How teenagers are vulnerable and need to be protected, but often don’t find the protection. The bunch of kids are endearing and often remind you of your own childhood. They’re brave in a way only children can be. Adults are too practical to venture into territories like the children do and battle evil clowns. The movie deals with certain themes in a subtle and sensitive way, and manage to infuse them in a horror movie without making them seem out of place. The parallel between the evil clown and the evil adults is drawn beautifully. When you walk out of the movie hall, you won’t think so much of the clown, but the real-life evils which children face, and that is so much scarier than movie villains. 

The direction is great and the acting even better. The children are the best part about the film, and their acting is absolutely flawless. The pace of the movie is quite fast, and there’s no opportunity to get bored. The film keeps you on the edge throughout, and has it’s fair share of scares. There are enough scary scenes, but nothing you haven’t seen before. Of course, a few of the scenes will jolt you out of your seat, but then again, with a child in the frame, everything seems less scary. If a child is walking into the basement, and is able to face the evil, I’m sure you can watch him doing that! Of course, if you love clowns, I’m pretty sure that’s going to change after the movie. If you don’t like them already, then no loss there. I think the Hollywood film industry has helped ensure that we never trust clowns and dolls again. 

I haven’t read any of the Stephen King’s novels so I can’t comment on the novel, however I absolutely loved the film. And, I’m terrified of horror movies and wasn’t even keen to watch this in the first place. I watched it in the movie theatre, and I have another piece of advice for you. If you watch a horror film in the theatre, the experience will be less scary because people tend to laugh right after a particularly scary scene. This is probably just to dissipate the freaky atmosphere. However, I can’t guarantee that you won’t be scared if you watch it at home alone. So, catch this movie in a theatre, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch a great film which packs in a great deal of emotion, brilliant acting and touching themes, rather than just a bunch of scares. Watch it! 


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