Musings towards the end of another year

As another year comes to an end, it is only natural to look back and weigh the good and the bad of the year that was. If you’re like most people, you’ll also tend to cut a little loose in the last few weeks of the year, and over-do it with the parties and eating out and shopping. You’re also likely to set some New Year’s resolutions. Even though 1st January can be seen as just another arbitrary date, it does still signal a chance to start afresh. And, for most people, that’s good enough as getting another chance to do something you couldn’t in the past year. 

As a child, I took “New Year’s resolutions” very seriously. I would cut out a sheet of paper, diligently write down about 10 resolutions, and then paste the sheet on my cupboard. Year after year, I remember writing down that one resolution, which I just couldn’t achieve, “Stop biting my nails.” Writing it down did me no good at all. I continued to bite my nails, more so before exams. Looking back, I can’t remember when I gave the habit up, but somewhere along the way I did. I think I just stopped giving it much importance, and now, I hardly think about it. So, I don’t really know if having a list up on the wall always helps!

The second major item on my list would always be “Eat Healthily, and Lose 5 Kgs.” No matter what I weighed, the “5 Kgs” was always a constant. Once, again I don’t remember when my obsession with dieting stopped, but somewhere along the way, I stopped caring so much. Nowadays, I eat whenever I’m hungry. Once in a while, I indulge in whatever I want to and I try and exercise regularly. And, I feel so much more at peace, than looking at a piece of writing on the wall!

However, there are some resolutions which I tend to forget about, and I like being reminded of them once in a while. These include things such as “Remember to write daily” or “Stay in touch with family and friends.” And, these are things I like to be reminded of, especially when I’m busy. So, maybe writing down some resolutions do help. If I look at my own experiences, writing down resolutions has helped me in some cases, whereas in other cases, it hasn’t. If you don’t like constant reminders but do like reminders once in a while, I propose following a middle path. 

Over the years, I I stopped sticking resolutions on the wall, and started writing them down in a notebook, something I can refer to from time to time. And, that’s worked really well for me. So, if you’re setting some resolutions in 2018, it might be a good idea to have them in a place which you’re likely to stumble upon once in a while, but not see everyday. I love keeping resolutions, but just don’t want to see them every single day!

Of course, most people don’t set any resolutions and they never have, and they continue to maintain their good habits year after year. However, I like the thought of resolutions, it allows me to change some of the things which are not important to me anymore, and add things which do matter to me more in life. More importantly, it allows me some time to just reflect and look at how things are. Of course, you needn’t wait till the 1st of January to set new habits and can set them whenever you wish to during the year. However, I like having a starting and ending point, or maybe it’s just a childhood habit, I want to hold on to.



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  1. Christy B says:

    Good idea about writing the resolutions in a notebook so you can refer to them as motivation throughout the year! This can help keep us on track.


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