Why the Zen blog?

Do you sometimes feel like all you do is work, work, work? You wan’t to make time for your hobbies but can’t ? You want to eat healthy food, you want to exercise and lead an organised life? These are all the struggles I face too. And, I realized that unless I take control of these things, they won’t happen miraculously one day.

Well, this blog’s just about staying sane in this crazy world, taking better care of yourself and trying to slowly improve your lifestyle so that you’re happier in the long run. It’s about trying to find your inner “zen” assuming that things will continue at a hectic pace. You’ll always have work and a ton of responsibilities. But, as long as you motivate yourself and make time for yourself, you will be a happier person.

Also, I don’t even know what the correct definition of Zen is; I’m going to talk about what zen means to me. It’s about focusing on what makes you happy and making time for those aspects of your life which means something to you. It’s also about learning to be more effective in your daily life, creating better habits and motivating yourself to be more efficient and organized so that you make time for your travels and hobbies.