About Me!

Hi everyone, I’m Karabi and thanks for visiting my blog! My primary motivation for starting this lifestyle blog was to focus on all the aspects in my life which makes me happy, and to try and make time for them even if I’m super caught up with work. I think it’s important to focus on my health, make time for my hobbies and travel around as much as I can. 

I’m currently working as a strategy consultant, and I love my work. It gives me the chance to solve complicated problems, brain-storm and meet a whole lot of interesting people. I have an MBA and did my graduation in Economics. Along with our jobs, I believe it’s important to also work on improving our lifestyle, because we can all be better at what we do and how we live! I also love writing, and felt that this would be the best way to combine what I love doing with trying to achieve my aspirations.

To really be happy, I’ve seen that I must visit new places frequently, I have to read a lot, and I have to focus on my writing and music. I also want to make time for my family and friends. That’s why this lifestyle blog focuses on everything which means a lot to me, and I hope that you’ll find some of my experiences helpful and apply them to your life. 

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